Reading Material

These titles are grouped under several different headings. All books touch on subjects of interest to suicide survivors: causes of suicide, depression, bi-polar disorders, suicide bereavement and grief, how suicide affects spouses, parents, siblings, children, and telling children about suicide death. The majority of titles can be found at

Depression & Bipolar Disorders

  • The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression
  • An Unquiet Mind: Memoir of Moods and Madness
  • Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness
  • The Beast: Journey Through Depression

Talking To Children About Suicide

  • Bart Speaks Out: Breaking the Silence On Suicide
  • But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: For Parents and Professionals Helping Child Suicide Survivors
  • Guiding Your Child Through Grief
  • Healing the Grieving Child’s Heart – 100 Practical Ideas For Families, Friends, and Caregivers
  • Healing Your Grieving Heart – 100 Practical Ideas For Kids
  • Breaking the Silence
  • Life and Loss: A Guide To Help Grieving Children
  • Child Survivors of Suicide: A Guidebook for Those Who Care For Them

Cause of Suicide

  • Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide
  • Making Sense of Suicide: An In-Depth Look at Why People Kill Themselves
  • The Suicidal Mind
  • Autopsy of a Suicidal Mind
  • Lay My Burden Down: Unraveling Suicide and the Mental Health Crisis Among African-Americans

Loss of a Parent To Suicide

  • Before Their Time: Adult Children’s Experiences of Parental Suicide
  • Trying to Remember Forced to Forget (My Father’s Suicide)

Dealing With Grief & Bereavement

  • A Broken Heart Still Beats
  • After Suicide Loss: Coping With Your Grief
  • After Suicide: Help for the Bereaved
  • What to Do When the Police Leave: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss
  • The Year of Magical Thinking

Loss of a Partner To Suicide

  • No Time to Say Good-Bye: Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One

Dealing With The Loss of a Child

  • My Son, My Son: A Guide to Healing After a Suicide In the Family
  • After the Darkest Hour the Sun Will Shine Again
  • When Suicide Comes Home: A Father’s Diary and Comments

Loss of a Sibling To Suicide

  • Do They Have Bad Days In Heaven? Surviving the Suicide Loss of a Sibling
  • My Brother Peter

Suicide Survivor Memoirs

  • His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina
  • In the Wake of Suicide: Stories of the People Left Behind
  • Our Forever Angel: Surviving the Loss of a Loved One to Suicide
  • Vita’s Will: Real Life Lessons About Life, Death and Moving On
  • Sanity and Grace: A Journey of Suicide Survival and Strength